How To Find Out What Percentage Of Payments In Slot Machines Online

The problem of the honesty of slot machines on the Internet concerns every player 1bet2u. The honesty of the slot is controlled by the parameter, which in professional circles is called RTP (Return To Player). This is the percentage of payments in slots or the percentage of return, which is expressed as a percentage of the volume of bets.

If this figure is 96%, it does not mean that you will get back 96% of your money from each bet. RTP is calculated for a long-term game and has almost no effect on the success of one particular player in the game. Rather, this metric is important for a casino, but the return percentage can tell the player which slots are more rewarding.

Methods for calculating the return volume from bets

The payout percentage in online slots is set by the developer. If the game is provided to a specific casino under a license , the portal administrator cannot change this percentage in any way. This is the value of licensed establishments with official software – you get a fair game with a random number generator and you may well win good money.

There are several ways to find out the RTP of a particular slot:

  • auditor reports – companies like eCORGA conduct audits of large establishments and publish public reports;
  • description from the provider – many slot machines have official descriptions with a preset return;
  • review from specialists – many enthusiasts conduct long-term testing, but here it is important not to get into the reports of scammers;
  • general data about the provider – many developers operate with approximately the same percentage of return on all their slots.

There are also complex strategies showing how to find out the payout percentage in slots. But to use them, you will have to replenish your casino account for several thousand dollars and test for a long period of time. Of course, for a player, this option of checking honesty does not make sense. Better to rely on auditors or official data. But do not forget that the casino must provide the official software.

How much money can you get on the high-return slot?

As a rule, for players with deposits up to $ 100, the payout percentage in online slot machines is not very important. This amount is enough only for ad hoc bets, there is still no hope of winning in the long term. If you play seriously and constantly, you need to know the RTP, as it affects the amount of your winnings over the course of a month or a year.

Let’s take a real situation as an example:

  • the player has chosen to play a slot machine with a spin of the reel, the return of which is 96%;
  • playing a month in standard mode, a person made bets for $ 10,000;
  • of this amount, the largest part in the form of 96% was returned to the account in the form of a fair payment of the slot machine;
  • after that the player makes one bet and gets Big Win or jackpot (if the machine implies such a win);
  • immediately after that, the percentage of return of the slot becomes lower in the future, it is not worth playing it.

If you understand how slots work, it will not be difficult to get a big win. But when choosing a slot machine with a low percentage of return (up to 90%), you can hardly wait for a big win. The entire deposit can be drained in anticipation of a large return.

Selection of games and assessment of their fairness

In online casinos, you should choose games from those providers who value their reputation. Today these are Swedish and other European developers, several companies from the CIS countries. Slots from Microgaming and NetEnt, as well as Igrosoft and Novomatic can be noted. These developers set a high and consistent percentage of return, monitor the use of their software and do not provide casino games with a bad reputation. Doubtful casinos are best avoided.

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